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About Us

Our Vision

Cali Green Equities is a subsidiary of Attera Holding Company actively managing, consulting and overseeing Real Estate Cannabis integrated locations deployed into the legal cannabis industry, we provide qualified investors with managed exposure to this new emerging marketing in a strategic manner that management believes is balanced and diversified.

Why Cali Green Equities

CALI GREEN EQUITIES invests, represents and creates opportunities with related companies as a a DBA of Attera Holdings in separate projects on behalf of our investors. Generating investor returns from the purchase both commercial real estate in advantageous terms to provide land and or warehouse space for crops in the exploding legal marijuana market for high quality cannabis investing. We then rent the properties to dispensaries, manufactures, and cultivators who distribute their products to the legal medical marijuana market.

Our Legal Team 

Vets all opportunities, manufactures, dispensaries and cultivators for adherence to legal statutes to assure that all business transactions are in accordance with applicable state and local law.

Why Cali Green Equities

We provide a reliable source of quality deal flow providing investors with access to a range of projects that include both debt and equity investment opportunities. With investment minimums as low as $50,000, investors can diversify across a wide range of projects maximizing risk-adjusted returns through tangible investments.

Each investor has access to information necessary to make an informed investment decision and all investing activity including execution of legal documents and transfer of investor funds. Every investment takes place securely through our platform.

These investments are individual stand-alone projects that are secure, passive and streamlined. As veteran investors, we have surveyed the investment industry and have found that little has been done to protect against loss in any investments made by consumers. At CALI GREEN EQUITIES we realize the most important factor in investing is that RETURN OF PRINCIPAL. You must protect your capital against loss before celebrating upside potential gains.

We generate returns for investors in the growing legal Cannabis market.


Fastest Growing Industry In America


The Next Cash Crop

Risk & Reward

Opportunity in The Cannabis Market

Smart and effective investment opportunity utilizing scalable Cannabis growth.

Grow your investment with our Cannabis professionals today.

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