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Responsible Cannabis Investing

Cali Green Equities is ahead of the technology curve with investment opportunities and insider knowledge to succeed in the legal cannabis industry.

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Cali Green Equities is a legal entre into the cannabis industry for investors seeking safety, security, and high yields while avoiding uncertainty, financial and legal risks. Cali Green Equities works with experienced corporate attorneys specializing in corporate and cannabis law as well as CPA’s, and distressed real estate professionals to ensure transparency, professionalism, and compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations and best practices.

Cali Green Equities Investors benefit from investment in private equity ventures that have tangible real estate equity plus the added backstop of insurance assets that fully secure their investment.

In most cases Cali Green Equities business model generally pays quarterly principal and interest payments in a fully amortizing, high yield structure so that investors benefit from cash flow during their investment at the end of each quarter.

Investors Benefits

• Transparency and Accountability
CPA for tax and financial accounting, independent fund administrator

• Attractive Investment Returns
High yield, fully amortizing three year notes

• Security
Investors have the additional security of real estate and precious metals assets.

• Safety and Peace of Mind
Knowing that your investment is protected against adverse changes in real estate, financial markets and fluctuating economic conditions.

We generate returns for investors in the growing legal Cannabis market.


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Opportunity in The Cannabis Market

Smart and effective investment opportunity utilizing scalable Cannabis growth.

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