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Business Strategy

Cali Green Equities was formed to serve as a professionally managed vehicle for people seeking to capitalize on the emerging legal cannabis industry. We are an experienced interdisciplinary team, accustomed to operating with a fiduciary duty to our investors, assembled to source and nurture opportunities at the intersection of legalized Cannabis. Cali Green Equities provides qualified investors with an investment opportunity utilizing scalable Cannabis growth and cultivation structures that eliminate exposure to LOSSES in in a manner that is balanced and diversified.

Why Invest?

  • Access to experienced Cannabis
    management teams within the rapidly
    expanding cannabis industry
  • A company that has been chosen to nurture synergy and maximize long-term value.
  • A proven team bringing business discipline and experience, joined by an extensive network of advisors, attorneys, administrators and Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) to add value to our business plans.

Our Focus

Cali Green Equities is focused on consolidating and integrating high growth and licensed cannabis production facilities which can be employed to yield attractive returns. Our low capital costs to acquire and finance these operations plus premium rental income by cannabis tenants yields highly attractive investment returns.

Investing in a cannabis income producing business model can be an incredibly lucrative experience.

The problem for most investors – is finding the right growth opportunity in a space that is quickly growing and becoming crowded. Cali Green Equities utilizes proprietary methodology to identify a pipeline of quality production facilities with licenses with substantial upside that can be acquired, integrated and controlled into our portfolio process for a fraction of the cost of starting up a Cannabis business.

We are meeting the call for hyper growth in the cannabis industry with palpable responsiveness to legal regulations by states and federal government. We provide an opportunity with very attractive returns in this environment. We’ve engaged the professional services of attorney’s administrators and Certified Public Accountants to ensure accurate, timely, and competent compliance with various state and federal regulatory authorities to stay focused on what matters most; investor returns and complete transparency.

Core Values

Though the industry is new, not every business is positioned to profit from the end of marijuana prohibition. To mitigate risk and diversify across sectors, Cali Green Equities is an established company that stands to benefit from continued growth of the legal cannabis market. In addition to offering a cushion against setbacks in legalization, we offer the following.

Your Investment is Supported 

  1. Tangible asset value from properties
  2. Revenue and cash flow from rental income and consistent quarterly cash income
  3. Opportunities to file patents leveraging our team qualified scientists
  4. Current Assets are already generating cash
  5. Transparency and accountability through Certified Public Accounting (CPA) reporting and monitoring.

Our Mission

Cali Green Equities is a subsidiary of Attera Holding Company actively managing, consulting and overseeing Real Estate Cannabis integrated locations deployed into the legal cannabis industry, we provide qualified investors with managed exposure to this new emerging marketing in a strategic manner that management believes is balanced and diversified.

Core Principles

Industry Overview

Identify industry trends and focus business operations on addressing those trends.

Maintain a proprietary deal flow

The principals of our company and members of our advisory board have extensive relationships with cannabis industry companies and individuals, management teams, investment bankers, business brokers, attorneys, accountants, and others who we believe will continue to provide us with opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Acquire and launch early stage private companies

Providing expert guidance to companies with potential scalable solutions to problems confronting the industry.

Add value to our portfolio companies

Being actively involved with management and bringing to bear the value of our relationships inside and outside the cannabis industry.

We generate returns for investors in the growing legal Cannabis market.


Fastest Growing Industry In America


The Next Cash Crop

Risk & Reward

Opportunity in The Cannabis Market

Smart and effective investment opportunity utilizing scalable Cannabis growth.

Grow your investment with our Cannabis professionals today.

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